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Do you like poker? Then we can recommend Caribbean Stud Poker in any case! Caribbean Stud Poker or Cyberstud Poker, as it is called in the Microgaming Casinos (Lucky Nugget etc), is especially known for its big jackpots. Sometimes, the jackpots in the Microgaming Casinos and in the Cryptologic Casinos (Inter Casino etc.) get so big, that the payout percentage of the so-called "Side Bet" is over 100% (more about that later)!
Carribean Stud Poker at Kiwi Casino
Carribean Stud Poker at Kiwi Casino

In this type of poker, one is not playing against the other players at the table, but every one against the dealer. It is an uncomplicated game and therefore very easy to learn. One is only playing with the dealt hand, and no cards can be swapped.

That’s how you play Caribbean Stud Poker:

The game starts with every player placing a start bet (ante) into the Ante-Field. Afterwards, every player is dealt 5 cards only he can see. The dealer is dealt 5 cards as well, whereof one is face up.
Now every player has two possibilities: raise or fold. With rising, the player has to place the double amount of his initial bet; with folding he loses his stakes.
Cyberstud Poker at Yukon Gold Casino
Cyberstud Poker at Yukon Gold Casino

After the betting, the dealer shows his remaining cards. To be able to continue the game, the dealer’s hand has to fulfill the minimum requirement thus; it has to consist of at least an Ace and a King. If not, all players receive a 1:1 payout on their initial bet, and raise bets pass for tie (push).
Wenn nicht erhalten alle Spieler eine 1 zu 1 Auszahlung auf ihren Anfangseinsatz, und Einsatzerhöhungen gelten als Gleichstand (push).
If the dealer’s hand fulfills the minimum requirement, it will be compared with the hand of every other player.
If the dealer has the better hand, the player loses his ante as well as his raise bet. With push, the player gets his stakes back. If the player wins, he gets a 1:1 payout percentage on his ante, and he gets paid on his increased bet after the following schedule (true for the Cryptologic Casinos):

Name Payout (multiplied by the stakes) Example
Royal Flush x 200 Royal Flush
Straight Flush x 50 Straight Flush
Four of a Kind x 20 Four of a Kind
Full House x 7 Full House
Flush x 5 Flush
Straight x 4 Straight
Three of a Kind x 3 Three of a Kind
Two Pairs x 2 Two Pairs
One Pair x 1 One Pair

The Strategy:

To play ideal, the player should raise his bet if he has some Pair or better in his hand. With all card combinations lower than Ace/King he should fold, and with a card combination with Ace/King as the highest he should sometimes raise and sometimes fold – if one of the 3 following incidents occurs, raise:
Caribbean Poker
  • If the dealers' face up card has a value between 2 and Queen and if it suits with one of your cards.
  • If the dealers' face up card is an Ace or a King, and if you have a Queen or a Jack on your hand.
  • If the dealers' face up card doesn’t suit with any of your cards and you have a Queen on your hand and the dealer’s card is lower than your fourth highest card.
With this strategy you are achieving a payout of 94,79% at the Cryptologic Casinos and 94,99% at the Microgaming Casinos.

Progressive Jackpot Side Bet:

With Caribbean Stud Poker, the player has the choice to place a Side Bet (an additional bet) of $1, which affects a payout with a Flush or better. The payout schedules vary between the casinos, but they always contain a progressive jackpot, where 100% of the jackpot-counter is distributed for a Royal Flush and 10% for a Straight Flush. With the Cryptologic Casinos, the schedule looks like this:

Name Payout
Royal Flush 100 % of the Jackpots
Straight Flush 10 % of the Jackpots
Four of a Kind $500
Full House $100
Flush $50

Sometimes it happens, that the jackpots climb to over $218.047, and in this cases, a payout percentage of more than a 100% is achieved.

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