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Beginner's guide to online casinos

By Christian, GetCasinoBonus Online Casinos??

When I sat down and wanted to play my first online casino in May 2001, I had many questions regarding online casinos.

But my eagerness for getting started instantly made me take the chance and I signed up at the first available casino in Google. I learned the hard way what online casinos is all about.

I want you to get a safe and easy start, so below I have tried to answer the 10 questions, I think are the most important before gambling online (click on the questions to get the answers).

1. What is an online casino?

2. Is it safe to play an online casino?

3. Is it legal to play in online casinos?

4. Are online casinos fair?

5. Can I really win in an online casino?

6. How do I collect my winnings?

7. How do I make a deposit in an online casino?

8. What is compulsive gambling?

9. How do you rate the online casinos on GetCasinoBonus?

10. Can you recommend any specific games and strategies?

Online Casinos!

Now, 6 years later, I still play in online casinos, but I have become picky of where to play. I prefer fluent game play, realistic & beautiful game setup, bonuses (free money to play for), big jackpots and fast payouts. Inter Casino lives up to these demands and it is definitely my favourite online casino.

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US playersPlayers from the USA are not welcomed at Inter Casino and instead I recommend Bodog Casino.

What is an online casino?

An online casino is a website on the Internet, where you can play the classic casino games such as blackjack, roulette, slots and poker. The games in the online casinos can be played for fun money or with real cash, so you can always practice for free, before staking your own money.

There are two different kinds of online casinos: 1) Download casinos and 2) no download casinos.

1) The greater part of online casinos has to be downloaded and installed (the casino program is always free). This downloading and installation process may last up to 15 minutes, but it is worth the waiting time, since download casinos have the best game flow, sound, graphics, and features.

2) The advantage with no download casinos is the possibility for instant play from wherever you are. No download casinos use Flash or Java technology, which allows you to play directly in your web browser.


Is it safe to play an online casino?

Since spring 2001 we have played more than 300 different online casinos. Neither Jesper nor I have ever experienced any credit card fraud or misuse of our account information.

When I started out playing my first online casinos, I had no clue, which casinos to trust and not to trust, so I got help and advice from online casino guides. I quickly learned that online casinos can be trusted upon which software/casino program they use. I stuck to the biggest software providers (Cryptologic, Microgaming and Boss Media), which are quoted on the stock exchanges. These online casinos can not risk their reputation, so they invest A LOT of money in security.

On GetCasinoBonus you will only find the most respected online casinos in the industry, where player safety is taken very seriously. Many of these online casinos use a 128-bit encryption. This means that the possibility of your information falling in hands of a wrong person is 1 to 340,282,366,920,939,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

So yes; it is safe to play an online casino.


Is it legal to play in online casinos? Is it legal?

The laws about gambling online are different from region to region all over the world. Therefore I can not answer this question in general. If you want to be sure that online gambling is legal in your region, you should contact your local legal authorities.

I have never heard of anybody, who was guilty with regard to playing in an online casino and therefore I recommend you to use this fundamental rule:

If an online casino accepts your address when signing up, it is the casino that will get into trouble and not you, if it should be illegal to gamble from your region.


Are online casinos fair?

You will find around 2,000 different online casinos and the competition among these casinos is huge. Players can by one click choose a different online casino, if they don’t feel an online casino is fair. Therefore many of the big software providers use loads of resources on having the fairest games and payouts. Many online casinos also have big firm of accountants controlling their game payouts. The global firm of accountants, PricewaterhouseCoopers reports on all casinos with Microgaming software and you can find these monthly documents on the respective casinos homepage.

The payout percentage of an online casino will mostly vary between 96-98 %, which is quite better than regular land based casinos. Since online casinos don’t have many expenses compared to land based casinos, they are able to offer you these high payouts. But don’t be fooled; the online casinos will just like land based casinos win in the long run. They know this and therefore it wouldn’t make sense for them to risk their rumour on having unfair games.

So yes, online casinos are fair.


Can I really win in an online casino? Winnings

I have won and also lost many times in an online casino. Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are unlucky, so one day you will experience a lucky strike and another day, you would wish you hadn’t played that day.

Many of GetCasinoBonus's regular users have been so kind to send in some casino screenshots of their winnings and if you read and look at some of them, you will see that several of our users have won more than a thousand Dollar.


How do I collect my winnings?

When you choose to make a withdrawal the online casinos will mostly have more options of how you can receive your winnings. These are the four most common withdrawal methods

Cheque: If you request to receive a cheque with regular mail, you will usually have to wait a week, before the cheque is in your mailbox. Most casinos will send you the cheque for free and some will charge you $1.00. You can then deposit this cheque in your private bank account, but remember that your bank normally will charge you a small fee for this.

Cheque via courier: If you want your cheque fast, you can choose to have it send by courier. Fast delivery companies like FEDex or UPS will then deliver your cheque directly in your hands within a couple of days. Unless your have won more than a $1,000, the casinos will normally charge you around $30 for this service.

Wire transfer: A wire transfer is a withdrawal, which goes directly to your private bank account. This is a very fast way of receiving your winnings, but just like a cheque via courier the casinos mostly charge a fee for this. Therefore I can only recommend you these withdrawal methods, if you win big.

NETeller account: Neteller operates a secure online funds transfer service and is quoted on the London stock exchange. All online casinos support NETeller deposits and withdrawals, so it is very convenient to have a NETeller account. There are no fees and you receive your winnings within a couple of days, when you request a withdrawal to your NETeller account.


How do I make a deposit in an online casino?

There are many ways to fund your casino account. Here is how I recommend you to make a deposit in an online casino:

Credit card: All online casinos accept credit- or debit cards. Visacard, Mastercard, Dinners Club, Eurocard etc. are all good ways to fund your casino account, if you want to start playing right away.

NETeller account: But if your credit card deposit is denied due to deposit limits or bank restrictions, NETeller is a great way to fund your casino account through. You can open a free NETeller online bank account on

Wire transfer: It will take a couple of days before a transfer from your bank account will be credited to your online casino account. So I would only recommend you to make a wire transfer, if you do not have a credit card or if you want to make a big deposit in a casino.

Paysafecard: A paysafecard is a card you can buy in your local shop and use to purchase things on the Internet.
For example: You buy a €50 paysafecard in your local gas station. By typing in the PIN and password (found on the paysafecard) in an online casino, the casino can then credit your account with €50. Find your nearest local shop, which offers paysafecards on


What is compulsive gambling? Gambler?

Gambling can become an obsession and therefore you should be careful when playing in a casino. You should never play with money you cannot afford to loose. Compare gambling with entertainment like going to a movie or buying a Playstation. - You should gamble to have fun.

Some people simply cannot stop gambling and they become addictive, just like alcoholics or junkies. If you think you have a gambling problem go to:


How do you rate the online casinos on GetCasinoBonus?

All online casinos on GetCasinoBonus have been carefully tested before being launched. So when we find a new casino either Jesper or I deposit and play in the casino to make sure everything is acceptable. To qualify for GetCasinoBonus the online casino needs to have fair games, reliable payouts and support. Once a casino has qualified it is given a rate between one and five stars, where one star is the poorest and five is the best. We rate the online casinos upon these criteria:
  • Size & conditions of Signup Bonus for new players and quantity & quality of promotions for existing players
  • Software design, features and number of games
  • Speed of payments
  • Quality of support (Live help and precise fast answers is preferred)

Can you recommend any specific games and strategies?

My personal favourite casino game is Blackjack, simply because it gives me the biggest thrill and best payouts. I think Blackjack is the closest you get to a skill game and I like the fact that you have many options of playing your cards.

Once in a while I also enjoy playing other casino games, such as Roulette, Video Poker and Slots. Jesper’s favourite game is Let it Ride Poker, because it gives him the opportunity to play long and the chance of hitting the jackpot with a Royal Flush.

You can find all our tips and tricks for these casino games in our Game Strategies Guide.



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