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With this article we aim to introduce you to the best and most popular progressive jackpots online of the four most recognised software developers for online casinos, namely Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech und Boss Media. Research indicates that jackpots have become increasingly important to online players. With this article we would thus like to assist you, by providing an overview of the huge range of online jackpots. After a brief explanation of the jackpots, we will recommend an excellent casino, where you can have a go at winning the specific jackpots!

Microgaming Jackpot

Mega Moolah Jackpot - Mega Moolah: This is an outstanding progressive video slot, with 5 Reels and 25 pay lines. There is also a Wild symbol, which doubles your winnings, and Scatters, which can trigger 15 free spins and simultaneously triple your winnings. The progressive jackpot, known as Mega, amounts to at least €1.000.000! Major, which is the second largest progressive jackpot, starts from €10.000, while the Minor jackpot is a minimum of €100 and the Mini jackpot starts at €10. The Mega Moolah jackpot is won approximately every 100 days, although currently it has been 200 days since the last win. Therefore the jackpot currently stands at an incredible €3.7 million!

- Major Millions: This video slot machine is also one of the biggest progressive jackpots online. It starts at €250.000 and is usually won at approximately half a million, at which it currently stands! The key advantage this jackpot has over other jackpots, such as Mega Moolah, which offers a significantly higher jackpot, is that it has a much higher winning frequency. On average this jackpot is won every 23 days by a lucky player! This is precisely why this jackpot is such a popular one. There are three different varieties of Major Millions: the MegaSpin, 5-Reel video slot and the classic 3-Reel one.

- Roulette Royale: According to us, this progressive slot receives much too little attention. This jackpot offers endless entertainment, particularly to players that enjoy playing at roulette tables. The player receives an additional win every time a number is repeated - even if the player didn't bet on that specific number! If a number recurs five times in a row, you win the progressive jackpot! The jackpot starts at €60.000 and is won approximately every 100 days, with a jackpot amounting to €275.000. Currently the jackpot is standing at an unbelievable €650.000 and theoretically should be won at any moment.

These three progressive jackpots can be played at any casino that is powered by Microgaming software. However, we recommend Roxy Palace, which is not only an exceptional casino, but also offers - suitable to this - a €100 Match Bonus.

Cryptologic Jackpot

- Millionaires Club: This slot offers the biggest jackpot of all Cryptologic games and is simultaneously the most popular online progressive jackpot ever. The greatest online jackpot on the internet was also won here, amounting to an astonishing €5.5 million. Millionaires club is played with 8 pay lines and on 5-Reels. You can wager up to €20 per game. When you receive three Millionaires Club symbols, the 3-Reel bonus game is triggered, during which the progressive jackpot can be won. The jackpot starts at €175.000 and is won every 210 days on average, amounting to approximately €2 million. Currently the jackpot amounts to €820.000.

- Progressive Blackjack: This game is based on the normal blackjack rules, however, differs in one way: with a side bet of only €1, you get a chance to win the jackpot! This results in blackjack becoming increasingly interesting for players that used to perceive it to be quite boring. The side bet triggers a win when you are dealt two or more aces. The jackpot is won with 4 red or black aces! The jackpot starts at €50.000 and currently amounts to €125.000. The jackpot is won around every 114 days at an amount of €150.000.

- Caribbean Stud Poker: Here the game is also played according to the rules of the original game, thus according to the Caribbean Stud Poker rules. There is however, also an interesting addition with a €1 side bet. You win the progressive jackpot of at least €100.000 with the side bet and a royal flush. This jackpot is won approximately every 66 days and usually amounts to €154.000. Currently it stands at €152.000, thus the jackpot has to be won really soon…At Cryptologic casinos, you win 200 times your winning bet, if you get a royal flush, without the additional side bet. At many other casinos that offer Caribbean Stud Poker, your winnings only amount to 100:1.

One of the best online casinos on the net, if not the best, can be found in the Cryptologic network, the Inter Casino. Obviously we recommend this casino and simultaneously want to refer to the €100 Welcome bonus, as well as the monthly €50 bonuses.

Playtech Jackpot

- Gold Rally: Playtech has one of the biggest jackpots with Gold Rally, which starts at €75.000, but increases rapidly. Currently it stands at €1.8 million, the highest it has ever been at! The Gold Rally slot has 8 pay lines, 3-Reels and a bonus round, in addition to the normal spins. The lowest bet lies at quite a steep €5 and has to be 3x€5 if you want to win the progressive jackpot. The Wild West theme is displayed by excellent graphics. The jackpot is won around every 80 days and amounts to approximately €700.000.

Playtech offers a wide variety of casinos, however, the Europa Casino, is the best by far. It also offers a monthly €100 slot bonus, thus we recommend this casino for the Gold Rally jackpot.

Boss Media Jackpot

Jack in the Box Jackpot - Jack in the Box: Boss Media is not well known for slots and progressive jackpots, however, it offers one of the better slots, Jack in the Box. This slot only has 3 pay lines and 3-Reels, and the graphics, which usually are top quality at Boss Media casinos, are not overwhelming, however, this is exactly why this game is so profitable and charming. Four different jackpots are offered, depending on you bet amounts. The biggest jackpot currently amounts to roughly €286.000.

We highly recommend the Casino-Club for Jack in the Box and particularly German players. There is always some excitement and you receive a €100 bonus on your first deposit.

Usually progressive jackpots are shared among casinos of the same software provider, however, this also allows the jackpot to increase at a much faster pace, due to the bets of all players from the different casinos contributing to the jackpot. This is precisely why progressive jackpots are so appealing.

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