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Let it Ride is easy to learn if you know what Poker is about! We very often play Let it Ride, because it is so much fun. But there are also casinos where Blackjack and Video Poker are excluded for the fulfillment of the wager and then Let it Ride achieves the best payout percentage (96.50%). We mostly play Let it Ride at the Cryptologic Casinos. Here excitement is guaranteed, and the graphics are very beautiful. Furthermore you can quickly wager some money although you are betting with small stakes per game.
Let it Ride
4 of a kind beim Inter Casino
If you are playing in a casino which is using the software of Microgaming, Let it Ride is called "Poker Pursuit", and it is a little bit different than in the Cryptologic Casinos: If you want to let it ride, it is here called Raise, and Pull Bet is called Call.

Let it Ride
Flush at Sands of the Caribbean
The game starts with every player betting three bets with equally high stakes (here we can recommend to bet between 2$ and 5$ per field). After this you get 3 faced up cards and the dealer gets 2 covered ones – here it should be mentioned, that the dealer is not playing against you, but with you. As with Poker it is now about getting 5 preferably good cards (see below).
Now is the first choice: If you have good cards, you let your first bet ride (Let it Ride), if you have bad cards, you pull your first bet back (Pull bet). Afterwards, the dealer uncovers his first card. Now you again have the choice whether you want to leave the second bet, or whether you want to pull it back. Then the dealer exposes his second card, and every player gets the following payoff.

Name Payoff (multiplied by bet) Example
Royal Flush x 1000 Royal Flush
Straight Flush x 200 Straight Flush
Four of a Kind x 50 Four of a Kind
Full House x 11 Full House
Flush x 8 Flush
Straight x 5 Straight
Three of a Kind x 3 Three of a Kind
Two Pairs x 2 Two Pairs
Tens or Better x 1 Tens or Better

Note: You should not make use of the possibility to bet additionally on a bonus payout, as payout percentages are bad there. If you are pulling back a bet, it is still contributing to the fulfillment of the wager, which is a great advantage – but this doesn't apply to casinos that are using the Microgaming software.

Another crucial advantage with Let it Ride is that the stakes are only high, when you are having good cards. With bad cards you can pull back 2 of the 3 bets and is thereby not risking much.
If you are betting 2$ per field you have the chance of winning 6000$ if you're getting a Royal Flush – this is of course not that likely, but 300$ with Four of a Kind is not impossible at all. ;-)
Let it Ride
Full House at Inter Casino

The strategy:

With three face up cards you should only choose "Let it Ride" if you have one of the following hands:
  • A guaranteed winning hand (Tens or better, Three of a kind)
  • Three to a Royal Flush
  • Three in a row to a Straight Flush, except 2-3-4 and Ace-2-3
  • Three to a Straight Flush, spread 4, with at least one high card (Tens or better)
  • Three to a Straight Flush, spread 5, with at least 2 high cards
With four face up cards you should only choose "Let it Ride" if you have one of the following hands:
  • A guaranteed winning hand (Tens or better, Two Pairs, Three of a Kind)
  • Four to a Royal Flush
  • Four to a Straight Flush
  • Four to a Flush
  • Four to an outer Straight with at least one high card
  • Four to an outer Straight with no high cards (zero house edge)
  • Four to an inner Straight with four high cards (e.g. 10, Jack, Queen, Ace) (zero house edge)
Let it Ride
Another Full House at Inter Casino

Try it out! Don't be scared off of the game explanation above, because Let it Ride is fun and is easy to learn if you just try it! You can as well start of with "Play for fun"!

Good luck!

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