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UK online casino – Be sure to visit Spin city with favourable slot machines

Looking for a UK online casino? We have the experience - so be sure to get our advice before you play.

In Spin Palace you are sure to have a great time if you favour slot machines and spins. Every time I have won at the table games I always replace some of the money at online roulette – and as a matter of fact, I have been fortunate to get the placement returned with some extra 0’s behind quite a few times ;o) Do not forget to take pleasure in the slot machines as well. Especially, the Tomb Raider Hot Slot is quite amusing.
When ever you need assistance the 24 hour costumer support is there to aid you. I have spoken to some of the ladies a few times - and frankly - after my problems very solved, I thought of raising another or so, just because of their kindness ;o)
You should also take advantage of the generous video poker game where I have caught a royal strait flush several times!

The best new online casino
After the launching of Spin city in 2001 it was honoured as the best new online casino – in my opinion it has become one of the best when slot machines is your desire.

The best slots online
Spin Palace is the UK online casino I turn to when I want to have some fun at the slot machines. No other UK online casino offers so many good opportunities to play for that instant thrill . Surely it can take some time before you get lucky but when those same three figures are lined up beside each other, I promise you a thrill that will last longer than the real thing ;o) I guess that this is the UK online casino where I have achieved the greatest outcome from slot machines and I keep coming back.

More games are available aswell
But there is more to this online casino than just slot machines. You should also spend some time playing video poker. I remember one time in the middle of the night when I played poker at Spin Palace and suddenly I had a Royal straight flush and thought it was my lucky day. So a replaced the money in the Big Spin and was so fortunate to get an extra zero behind my achievements ;o)

One of the funniest games is the Tomb Raider Hot Slot. If you are lucky to get three of those sexy Lara Croft pictures to figure on a line then you are enabled to play the Tomb bonus game. And if you do not win then at least it is better to look at this picture than some silly bananas right!
If you prefer blackjack it is also to be found at this UK online casino. It is not my favourite place to play blackjack but there is nothing really to complain about and I have won there quite a few times. The game works smooth and easy and usually the dealer is a bit unlucky ;o)
Compared to other UK online casinos Spin Palace has a great variety of games and you can be certain to find one that matches your taste. You can choose among all the well known poker games and there are plenty of different slot machines to check you.

A vibrating atmosphere
This UK online casino is recommendable because there usually are many players to keep you company and the web design makes you feel like you are in Vegas. That feeling should be essential to all casinos that focus on spin and slot machines. When you enter the page plenty of flashy colours and money signs will keep you excited for many hours. Sometimes I can spend all night at the slots and forget everything around me. And there is certainly a good reason for showing up again at this UK online casino. For every £10 you wager at Spin Palace you will learn 1 loyalty club point and for every 1000 club points redeemed you will £10 in free casino credits, so its worthwhile placing your bets at one UK online casino.

Plenty of good chances
Every month Spin Palace will recommend some games for you to play. That gives you the chance of winning extra cash and nice gifts, so remember to check what is on every month. Now and then you can also be lucky to be in the house when ‘the magic of Spin Palace’ strikes. That means you will be given £50 bonus just by chance! At the moment this UK online casino also offers you 60 minutes to make as much money as you can and thus obtain £500 free – even without requiring a deposit – That a deal that is definitely worthwhile checking out.

Reliable costumer service
For a UK online casino Spin Palace has a reliable costumer service. They are easy to get in touch with due to the new online chat support. There is also a free number to call if you prefer to be assisted in the good old fashioned way.

Since it was launched in 2001 Spin Palace has been awarded several times, making it one of the most popular UK online casinos And I guess there will be more awards coming up if Spin Palace keep up the good standard. Spin Palace is a member of the well known ‘Palace group’ that counts for a group of many popular UK online casinos.

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